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Carditone. The All-Natural, Safe & Effective Solution for Blood Pressure Support


Unbeatable All-Natural Blood Pressure Support

Finally, an all-natural solution for blood pressure support that has been used effectively by millions for over 30 years to help reduce stress, lessening the burden on the cardiovascular system. Carditone offers a combination of the most powerful herbal extracts that support heart function and assist in the maintenance of heathy blood pressure. Carditone was formulated by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians, uniting ancient wisdom and modern science.

The formulation of Carditone includes Rauwolfia serpentine and Terminalia arjuna, which are herbs used to support heart health and provides cardiac antioxidants. Tribulus terrestris assists with kidney health, as does Borehaavia diffusa. Both herbs assist in fluid balance, reducing the amount of work the heart must perform. Convolvulus pluricaulis and rose petal work with the nervous system to assist in the ability to manage stress. Magnesium and other minerals help to balance electrolytes needed to maintain heart health. In short... it works!

 "Why I chose Carditone "

A longtime Carditone user tells her story

Why You Should

Take Carditone


All-Natural Carditone can help cardiovascular and heart health support in many ways.

Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Carditone is an easy, all-natural way to help maintain a healthy blood pressure level and may help blood vessel damage.

Excellent Cardiovascular
System Support

Made from a proprietary, doctor recommended and formulated blend, Carditone has been used effectively by millions of satisfied customers for over 25 years.

Carditone helps promote Relaxation

As a component of over 300 enzymatic processes in the body, magnesium promotes relaxation by supporting the brain chemicals that encourage rest.

A Natural Source of
Magnesium & Calcium

The magnesium in Carditone supports cardiovascular health by helping to maintain healthy levels of calcium and potassium, both essential minerals for heart health.

Carditone is a very effective Kidney & Liver Tonic

Carditone promotes cardiac health by supporting optimal fluid balance and maintaining  healthy peripheral circulation.

Carditone can help your body Reduce Stress

The herbs have adaptogenic properties which helps support a healthy response to stress and maintain overall health and wellness.


Carditone. All-Natural Ingredients that work!

When it comes to blood pressure support, natural is the way to go. And Carditone uses only all-natural herbs and extracts that with your body to help control a healthy blood pressure range. For over 30 years, Carditone has been used safely and effectively by millions of satisfied customers naturally. Here are just some of the ingredients used in Carditone help you maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Rauwolfia serpentine
This herb contains components that help relax heart muscle and blood vessels allowing for better and healthier blood flow..
Terminalia arjuna
The components of Arjuna provide antioxidant properties, allowing the heart to efficiently function without stress from oxidative factors.
Boerhaavia diffusa
The kidneys play a large role in heart heath and blood pressure. This herb enhances kidney health, allowing body fluid to seamless be processed.  

Over 30 Years of Glowing Reviews

Been going through a period of prolonged stress and my BP went up. Took a Carditone every day with my Rx since reviewers said it would take awhile to get it to work. Well, let me tell you; It worked by the end of the first week.

— Monique H

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